Senate Republicans Keep Up Attack on Women’s Health Care Access and Services in Latest Devastating Proposal

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(PRESS RELEASE) – After pulling their initial health care proposal, Senate Republicans today introduced a revised health care bill that keeps the earlier provisions that would gut women’s access to basic health care services -- including maternity care and cancer screenings -- and that ban coverage of abortion care. It would also dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), defund Planned Parenthood, and make health care more expensive.

Center for Reproductive Rights Senior Director, Policy &, Managing Director, Maya Rupert, said:

“Despite promises to ‘fix’ their deeply flawed health care plan, Senate Republicans turned around today with a proposal that further imperils care for women. Senate health care 2.0 would continue to gut essential health services like maternity and reproductive care. Far from a solution, this new bill sabotages any chance of providing quality health care to Americans and singles out women in particular for inferior services and more expensive health care.”