Pressure Mounts for Kenya to Stop Quack “Doctors” Following Rape Arrest

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One of Mugo Wairimu’s former patients recalls visiting his clinic for a pelvic exam. According to the Daily Beast, he gave her pills that knocked her unconscious and when she woke up she had no underwear on.

The patient sought help after the assault at a public hospital and from the police, but she was told that this sort of thing “happens a lot” and that there was no evidence to assist her.

Although there have been multiple allegations of malpractice and abuse against Wairimu—who is neither a registered doctor nor nurse—it was not until his employees caught him on camera raping another patient that authorities have taken action to stop him.

Wairimu heads to court this week to face the charges against him. His ob-gyn clinic has been shuttered for being unlicensed, and Kenya’s Serious Crimes Unit has taken over the investigation from local police.

Quack doctors and unlicensed clinics are not unusual throughout Kenya due to a lack of governmental regulation and enforcement. The Daily Beast quotes the Center for Reproductive Rights’ regional director for Africa, Evelyne Opondo:

“It’s the biggest telling, as far as I’m concerned, that the government has really failed. The problem is that this is just one thing that someone has come forward with, but there are many incidents going on where people are documenting or complaining and there’s no follow-up.”

The Center and our partners are now exploring a civil lawsuit to hold the Kenyan government accountable for the negligence and inaction that allowed this situation to occur.

The global community is also rallying to pressure Kenya to increase government oversight of the provision of medical services.

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