Medication Abortion Blocked Again in Texas COVID-19 Court Battle

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Today, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against abortion providers, prohibiting medication abortion yet again for women in Texas. At Texas’ request, the court vacated a lower court’s ruling that allowed medication abortion to continue. Today’s decision means that most abortions are again prohibited in Texas. Only patients who will pass the state’s gestational limit by April 22 (when the emergency order expires) will be allowed to have an abortion. The ruling is one of many that has created legal whiplash, causing confusion and uncertainty for hundreds of patients in need of essential, time-sensitive abortion care.

Statement from Nancy Northup, president & CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights:

The appellate court is creating chaos and uncertainty for women seeking abortions in Texas. Patients who had appointments scheduled will now be thrown into a state of panic yet again. It’s clear this abortion ban has nothing to do with the pandemic. Texas has been trying to restrict abortion for decades and this is part of that larger strategy. We will continue to fight for the rights of the women of Texas.”


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