House Approves No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, Resuming Attacks on Abortion Coverage

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(PRESS RELEASE) Today, the House of Representatives voted to approve Representative Chris Smith’s anti-choice legislation “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” Through tax penalties on insurance plans that cover abortion, the bill raises taxes on millions of American families and small businesses and imposes intrusive new government rules on private, personal medical decisions. The measure denies abortion coverage to any woman who receives health insurance through Medicaid or other government programs and tries to do the same to women in the private insurance market.  Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, issued this statement in response to this afternoon’s vote:
“True to form, the House majority has cast a wide net in its attack on women’s health and rights – this time, trying to use the tax code to eradicate all insurance coverage for abortion. This move is the height of hypocrisy, because politicians who regularly rail against big government today voted to raise taxes on millions of families and small businesses – merely to stop them from purchasing insurance plans that cover abortion.
In addition, the bill would take already punishing federal bans on abortion insurance coverage that must be renewed every year and make them permanent.  As it is, these bans discriminate against millions of women who rely on Medicaid or other government programs for their health services.
Despite the sponsors’ claims, this legislation has nothing to do with public funding for abortion, and everything to do with taking a private medical decision away from women and turning it over to the government. H.R. 3 is dangerous, misleading and stands to hurt millions of Americans. We call on our leaders to soundly defeat this bill and protect women’s health and rights.”