For Teen Girl in Poland, Even a Legal Abortion Is Hard to Get

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P (formerly referred to using the psuedo name Agata), a 14-year-old girl was legally entitled to an abortion under Polish law. But when she sought to end her unwanted pregnancy, multiple hospitals refused to perform the procedure. One even went so far as to leak her personal information to anti-choice advocates, who then harassed P for weeks. To make matters worse, she was taken temporarily from her mother's (S) custody because her mother supported her decision to have an abortion.

Such treatment by the state is illegal under both Polish and international law and displays a disturbing apathy for the already precarious mental and physical health of a young pregnant girl. Although she ultimately obtained an abortion, P was left emotionally traumatized by the experience. The Center has provided our partner in Poland, the Federation for Women and Family Planning, with an advocacy factsheet that sets forth international human rights standards on rape and international medical standards on teen pregnancy.