Following Series of Victories Blocking Trump Administration's Discriminatory Contraception Coverage Rules, Center for Reproductive Rights Withdraws Challenge

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(Media Advisory) – Following a series of victories blocking the Trump administration’s interim final rules that threaten to curtail access to birth control coverage for thousands of women, the Center for Reproductive Rights and Medical Students for Choice have withdrawn their legal challenge. The move comes after federal courts in Pennsylvania and California blocked the rules as litigation proceeds and after the University of Notre Dame changed its position on contraceptive coverage for its employees and students following the Center for Reproductive Rights’ challenge.

The Center for Reproductive Rights was among a number of civil rights organizations that filed a series of independent suits across the country defending the right to contraception shortly after the Trump administration issued the interim final rules. The rules — which have been preliminarily enjoined by courts in California and Pennsylvania— create a broad exemption that would enable employers, health insurance providers, and universities claiming a religious or moral objection to deny their employees, students, and insurance beneficiaries coverage for contraception. Both the California and Pennsylvania courts found it likely that the legal challenges would successfully block the rules for good.  

The Center remains vigilant against threats to contraceptive access and is prepared to take legal action to protect individuals’ fundamental right to access contraception.