Center for Reproductive Rights' Statement Following U.S. Withdrawal From United Nations Human Rights Council

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Center for Reproductive Rights\' statement following U.S. withdrawal from United Nations Human Rights Council.

"The Center for Reproductive Rights is deeply concerned about the United States’ withdrawal from United Nations Human Rights Council.  This decision is the latest in the US administration's ongoing efforts to undermine the UN system and to devalue human rights advocacy, particularly as it applies to women's health and rights. Recent decisions such as the defunding of UNFPA, continued advocacy against the inclusion of reproductive rights within UN bodies, and removal of reproductive rights monitoring from the State Department’s country human rights reports, could weaken international norms and standards, and cause real harm to women’s health. These actions may further embolden human rights offenders at the local, regional and global levels, jeopardizing existing guarantees for women and girls across the globe.  The Center firmly maintains that Reproductive Rights are non-negotiable human rights that must be upheld and respected."