Abortion under Attack in Hungary

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Safe and legal abortion is under threat in Hungary, where the government is proposing constitutional reforms. These reforms include the drafting of a new constitution that contains language protecting the right to life from the moment of conception. 

The Center for Reproductive Rights and the Hungarian Women's Lobby have sent a legal and policy memorandum to Hungarian government officials and parliamentarians outlining the international and regional human rights law on the subject. The memorandum also notes the impact this potential change will likely have on women's access to safe and legal abortion in Hungary. Other sexual and reproductive health care services, such as emergency contraception and in-vitro fertilization, could also be affected.

If passed with such language, the Hungarian Constitution will be the only constitution in Europe granting the right to life from conception. Countries around the globe that recognize the right to life prenatally in their constitutions often have very restrictive abortion laws.

The Center and the Hungarian Women’s Lobby are urging that the language on the right to life from the moment of conception be deleted and replaced with similar language from other European constitution.

Join us - Send a letter to the Hungarian Prime Minister! Help stop the Hungarian Constitution from limiting women’s human rights and reproductive freedoms.