A Call to Pass the #ActforWomen

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Nancy Kaufman, the CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, makes an impassioned call on Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act in an op-ed that appeared on TheHill.com:

Those of us opposing [anti-abortion forces] have been in the trenches state by state…. But what we’ve all seen from those trenches is the need for a national response that stops the campaign against abortion in its tracks, everywhere.

Kaufman goes on to document exactly how extremist politicians have been able to create a second-class of women in this nation—those who cannot access the full range of reproductive health care services because of the state they live in. She cites the many ways the anti-choice forces have made it more difficult for providers to practice medicine and tried to shame women out of the very personal decision they have every right to make. In the end, the laws in aggregate “epitomize overreach” by more than half the states in the nation that have done nothing to improve women’s health and safety. But today, we have a bill—the Women’s Health Protection Act—that will advance women’s health and safety and protect a women’s right to essential health care.