South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative (SARJAI)


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In 2012, the Center for Reproductive Rights launched the South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative (SARJAI) as a response to regional government’s lack of legal accountability for violations of women’s reproductive rights. The Center held its first regional case development workshop that year, which was closely followed by a focused workshop with a smaller group of litigators who were developing the most promising cases. A second regional workshop took place in 2014. Each workshop has attracted a diverse group of lawyers and seeded real litigation that is currently in process. These cases offer the promise of new levels of government accountability and dramatic change for millions of women.

The goals of SARJAI are clearly defined:

  • Develop new litigation initiatives
  • Establish new norms and develop strategies to implement decisions into policy and practice
  • Build a network of South Asian lawyers to enable a new generation of legal experts to foster recognition of women’s reproductive rights in the region

The progress made under SARJAI to date:

Foundations of SARJAI: