#TheForwardFight: Top 6 Things You Can Do to Help U.S. Abortion Rights

When laws move backwards, stripping away our rights, the Center for Reproductive Rights fights forward.

The fall of Roe v. Wade one year ago brought devastating consequences to people across the U.S. as anti-abortion state lawmakers acted swiftly to strip away our reproductive rights. Twenty percent of Americans now live in states where abortion is illegal, leaving millions without access to essential, time-sensitive health care.

But when laws move backwards, the Center for Reproductive Rights fights forward. The Center is using every possible legal and advocacy tool to block harmful abortion bans and restrictions and establish new legal protections for reproductive autonomy. 

Let’s be clear: this is a long-term fight—and we need you with us. Join #TheForwardFight today.

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Top 6 Things You Can Do Now for U.S. Abortion Rights

1. Learn about abortion laws and policies in your state and across the country.

Get up to speed with the Center’s After Roe Fell: Abortion Laws by State map and other tools, resources and analyses, and sign up for email updates to stay in the loop.

2. Get loud about abortion rights and access.

Talk about your support for abortion rights and access with people in your circle. Conversations with friends, family, colleagues and community members are often influential.  

3. Tell your elected officials to restore your rights.

Urge your Congressional representatives to support the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), which would reestablish our nationwide right to abortion. And don’t forget to contact your state representatives, who now have significant power when it comes to protecting reproductive rights in your state. 

4. Follow the Center on social and spread the word.

Join a community of like-minded reproductive rights supporters on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share our content with your networks. You can also text JOIN to REPRO (73776) to receive timely abortion news alerts.

5. Help provide on-the-ground support to clinics and people seeking abortion care.

Donate directly to small, community-based abortion clinics that provide most of the abortion care in the U.S. at KeepOurClinics.org and to abortion funds that provide transportation, lodging and financial support to people seeking abortion care at AbortionFunds.org.

6. Support the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Your donation to the Center—big or small—helps our team of legal experts continue the fight for reproductive rights and access, both in the courts and beyond.

Thank you for joining the fight to restore and strengthen our reproductive rights.

Find out more about #TheFightForward here.