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When Cristina Quintanilla spoke into the microphone at last month’s Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) hearing in Washington, D.C., her
On a crisp fall evening in New York City, more than 350 guests gathered in the elegant lobby of the Museum of Modern Art for the annual celebration of
During what should have been an active, joyful time, young Karachi resident Kiran Sohail was plunged into almost a decade of suffering just days after
Please join us on October 30, 2015 at 9:00am at NYU School of Law for What’s the Harm?: Understanding Reproductive Injustice. This event is open
American women have been using legal medication abortion—an early abortion method that involves taking oral medication rather than having a surgical p
Instead of improving women’s health in any manner, laws that ban abortion at 20 weeks wrest fundamental decision-making rights from women and the heal
“I was hurting so bad I didn\'t know what to do with myself,” remembers Tiffany, who was forced to labor for hours in a basement hallway of the public
At age 15, Gita should have been cramming for math tests and gossiping with friends. Instead, she was forced to leave her family and the school she at
Five hundred dollars. That’s about what it costs for a woman to exercise her constitutional right to end a pregnancy in the United States—not includin
In just the first six months of 2015, three separate anti-choice bills arrived on the desk of Montana governor Steve Bullock. The intent of the measur
The audience clusters attentively around her as she describes a morning two years ago—taping a catheter to the inside of her thigh, lacing up her pink
On the first day of her first year in college, Savannah remembers feeling “extremely uneasy”—and it wasn’t just freshman jitters or homesickness. S
Faith is a nurse from San Antonio, Texas. She has a full life—a challenging job, a fiancé, two daughters, a house, a couple of dogs. She also has a se
In commemoration of the May 28 International Day of Action for Women's Health, the following organizations and individuals issue this joint statement
Last week the U.S. House passed a bill prohibiting most abortions after 20 weeks, with only narrow exceptions for women with life-threatening conditio
For over 20 years, the Center has been working in and out of the courts to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right. The Center engag
This past March, a 25-year-old woman suffering from terrible abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding sought emergency care at the hospital—where she was r
Tina Montales, her husband, and their eight children barely have enough to eat. A few rolls and coffee for breakfast. A couple of pounds of rice fo
Sensing an important need to cultivate new, cutting edge scholarship and teaching on reproductive health, rights and justice, the Center for Reproduct
The Center for Reproductive Rights and URGE: Unite for Reproductive &, Gender Equity strongly oppose measures that limit teens’ access to basic he