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Nancy Northup, President and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, was a guest on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show today discussing the Trump Administr
El Salvador’s total ban on abortion puts women’s health and lives in danger and denies them essential reproductive freedom. Right now, dozens of women
Segregation. Racial harassment. Physical restraint and neglect during childbirth. Roma women in Slovakia speak about their experiences of discriminati
Our client Teodora was released from prison this month. She was unjustly imprisoned for 11 years under El Salvador’s inhumane abortion law after suffe
[UPDATE] Following 11 years of wrongful imprisonment after suffering an obstetric emergency, the Salvadoran Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) and the Min
On December 5, 2017, the Center for Reproductive Rights, along with more than a dozen leading reproductive and civil rights organizations, members of
In the aftermath of the chaotic presidential election results in Kenya in early August and again in October, more than 50 accounts of rape and sexual
When almost 500 guests gathered on Tuesday night for the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the Center for
Access to birth control should never depend on your income, job, university, or employer's opinions. That’s why we submitted a complaint in federal
Your voice counts – sign the petition now to urge the Costa Rican government to permit women to receive the medical care they need. 10.12.17 - When
[UPDATE] In a monumental victory for women’s reproductive rights in Chile, the government’s Constitutional Tribunal voted to decriminalize abortion in
What happens when you convene some of the nation’s brightest leaders in state reproductive health, rights, and justice in Washington, D.C.? The cro
One year ago, in June 2016, the Center for Reproductive Rights won the most significant abortion-access case at the Supreme Court in decades. The land
In another blow by the Trump administration, proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency would disproportionately affect low-income families,
Every year, as a result of Ireland’s abortion laws, thousands of women in the country must travel abroad to obtain legal abortion services. With one o
In a reckless move that will have life-threatening consequences for women around the world, President Donald Trump has released details about his expa
Texas has been a battleground for anti-abortion legislation for years, but the reopening of the Whole Woman’s Health clinic in Austin offers hope to c
In one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, a destructive policy that prohibits overseas nongovernmental organ
When Guadalupe took her first job as a domestic worker she had high hopes for her future. She was thrilled to be earning her own money, and often drea
For many women, having a child is one of the best days of their lives. For Francisca, a young Chilean woman, it was both the best and worst day of