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Creating progress that can drive true gender equality for women and girls worldwide will be center stage at this week’s global international conferenc
Latin America is the only region in the world in which the pregnancy rate for girls under 15 years of age is rising. Most of these pregnancies are the
At the reintroduction of the Women’s Health Protection Act on May 23, a powerful lineup of government representatives and leaders in the fight for rep
This morning on Capitol Hill, the Center for Reproductive Rights joined champions in the House and the Senate and reproductive health, rights, and jus
Last night, Nancy Northup, President and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, appeared on the Rachel Maddow show and talked about newly passed,
Access to quality maternal health care is a human right to which all women and girls are entitled. Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, or any
El Salvador's draconian abortion ban has led over 40 women to decades-long prison sentences for suffering obstetric emergencies. They were separated f
Today, the Kansas Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling, affirming that the state’s constitution protects Kansas women’s right to safe and legal abor
UPDATE: SUCCESS! The billboards came down in May. The Nairobi County Government responded to our request, removing the inaccurate and inflammatory ant
Meera* was only 10 years old when she became pregnant after being raped. Meera did not know she was pregnant, and her family only realized this when s
The Trump administration has made no secret of its commitment to erasing women from the global human rights conversation—going so far as to literally
K.L. was 17 years old and 14 weeks pregnant when she found out that the fetus she was carrying was anencephalic and would not survive outside of the w
This Bulletin provides an overview of key legal and policy developments on abortion that have occurred in Europe in the course of 2018 and since the b
Tonight, the United States Supreme Court stood by its decades-long affirmation of abortion rights, blocking a Louisiana law that could have shuttered
Update: The United States Supreme Court issued a temporary administrative stay on February 1, preventing the admitting privileges law from going
UPDATE, January 2019: In response to the petition, the Health Department of Sindh has committed to establishing four fistula repair centers in the pro
In Kenya, abortion is allowed only when the life and health of the mother is at risk or in when a trained medical professional believes the situation
Opponents of abortion rights in state legislatures across the country continued to obstruct abortion access in 2018, introducing nearly 200 bills and
During his confirmation hearing, Judge Brett Kavanaugh faced extensive questioning about his views on reproductive rights. His testimony was a studied