Gonzales v. Carhart: Amicus brief of NARAL


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Nebraska - 2006

The NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, NARAL Pro-Choice America and the state-based affiliates and chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America (collectively, “NARAL Pro-Choice America”) are organizations that work through the legislative process, in Congress and in the states, to secure policies that reduce unintended pregnancy and the need for abortion, while ensuring access to the full range of reproductive health services and safeguarding the constitutional right to privacy. NARAL Pro-Choice America tracks state and federal legislation, writes reports and amicus briefs, educates the public, serves as a legislative consulting service, and organizes citizens and legislators to protect the freedom to choose. Our work nationally and in the states, and our annual publication Who Decides? The Status of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States (formerly, A State-by-State Review of Abortion and Reproductive Rights), informs this brief.