D. v. Ireland: Decision of Court re: Inadmissibility


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A Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has declared inadmissible the application lodged in the case of D. v. Ireland (application no. 26499/02) on the ground that the applicant had not exhausted domestic remedies, in that she had failed to bring an action before the Irish courts. (The decision is available only in English.)

The applicant

The applicant, D., is a 45-year-old Irish national who lives in Ireland.

Summary of the facts
In late 2001 D., who already had two children, became pregnant with twins. In early 2002 an amniocentesis indicated that one foetus had died in the womb and that the second foetus had a chromosomal abnormality known as Trisomy 18 or Edward’s Syndrome. A second amniocentesis confirmed those findings. D. was given to understand that Edward’s Syndrome was fatal and that the median survival age for children with the syndrome was six days. She therefore decided that she could not carry the pregnancy to term...