Statement from Center for Reproductive Rights Applauding Federal Court Decision Protecting DACA

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Statement from Nancy Northup, President &, CEO of Center for Reproductive Rights, applauding federal court decision protecting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“The Trump administration’s attempt to rescind DACA is chilling in its cruelty and - as the district court determined - represents an arbitrary, capricious and legally flawed exercise of power.

“The court rightfully decided to maintain DACA during the pendency of the litigation, effectively challenging this executive branch overreach that threatened to trample the basic human rights of those living in some of our most vulnerable communities.

“Over the last five years, these young DREAMers have voluntarily provided their addresses, fingerprints and more to the U.S. government under a legal process that promised to protect them.

“As a result of the court’s decision, 800,000 young immigrants have renewed hope that they will not be torn away from their families, their communities and the country they know as home.

“It is now time for Congress to act, respect the rule of law, and keep America’s promise to the DREAMers.”