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Abortion Worldwide: Twelve Years of Reform card link

Abortion Worldwide: Twelve Years of Reform

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Imposing Misery: The Impact of Manila’s Contraception Ban on Women and Families

Likhaan, ReproCen, and the Center for Reproductive Rights have released a report documenting the devastating impact of Manila’s contraception ban on women and their families. In 2000, the mayor of Manila, Jose "Lito" Atienza, issued [...]

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Gaining Ground: A Tool for Advancing Reproductive Rights Law Reform

Women's equality and status in society are directly linked to their enjoyment of reproductive rights. Around the world, human rights law and international commitments require governments to reform laws and policies that deny women these [...]

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Failure to Deliver: Violations of Women’s Human Rights in Kenyan Health Facilities

Providing women with affordable, accessible, and safe health services is a key obligation of the government of Kenya. However, as a new report produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Federation of Women [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.