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Implementing Rights-based Accountability for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Settings (Report)

Read the report of the pilot study conducted by the Center and CARE International in Uganda.

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Facing Uganda’s Law on Abortion

Maternal mortality continues to be a formidable factor in the realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Uganda. Indeed 343 women out of every 100,000 women die from preventable pregnancy-related complications each [...]

Abortion, Legal Restrictions,Africa, Uganda,Engaging Policymakers, Around the World,Publications

Facing Uganda’s Law on Abortion: Experiences from Women and Service Providers

Download document here.

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The Stakes are High: The Tragic Impact of Unsafe Abortion and Inadequate Access to Contraception in Uganda


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Breaking the Silence: The Global Gag Rule’s Impact on Unsafe Abortion

Executive Summary Every year, twenty million—mostly poor—women around the world are driven to unsafe abortion. More than 95% of these abortions occur in low-income countries. And every year, complications from these procedures claim the lives [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

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