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Women account for roughly 50% of the 33.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Although the total percentage of women living with HIV/AIDS has stabilized in the last few years, individual countries, including Chile, continue [...]

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A.S. v. Hungary: Informed Consent: A Signature is Not Enough

A.S., a Hungarian woman of Roma origin, underwent surgery at a public hospital in connection with a miscarriage. Minutes after being admitted to the hospital in a “state of shock” and while on the operating [...]

Maternal Health, Coercive Policies,Europe, Hungary,In the Courts, Engaging Policymakers, Around the World,Publications

Gender-Based Violence Laws in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gender-based violence includes acts of violence in the form of physical, psychological, or sexual violence against a person specifically because of his or her gender. It constitutes one of the most widespread human rights abuses [...]

Maternal Health, Coercive Policies,Africa,Reporting on Rights,Publications

Body and Soul: Forced Sterilization and Other Assaults on Roma Reproductive Freedom

Romani women in Slovakia continue to be subject to grave violations of their human rights, particularly their reproductive rights, even though a communist-era law offering monetary incentives for sterilization has been rescinded. A three-month fact-finding [...]

Adolescent SRHR, Maternal Health, Coercive Policies,Europe, Slovakia,Reporting on Rights,Publications

Silence and Complicity: Violence Against Women in Peruvian Public Health Facilities (Book)

Peruvian women are being subjected to violence in that nation's government-run health facilities, say women lawyers who have documented cases of abuse throughout several geographical regions of the country. This investigative book reveals sexual and [...]

Maternal Health, Coercive Policies,Latin America & Caribbean, Peru,Reporting on Rights,Publications

Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.