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Inter-American Court of Human Rights Declares Costa Rica’s Ban on In-Vitro Fertilization a Human Rights Violation

Inter-American Court of Human Rights Declares Costa Rica’s Ban on IVF a Human Rights Violation (PRESS RELEASE) Costa Rica’s longstanding ban on in-vitro fertilization—which has barred countless individuals from building their families for almost 12 [...]

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Jackson Women’s Health Organization, et al. v. Mary Currier, et al.

(REVISED 03.21.2018) This lawsuit challenges Mississippi's attempt to end legal abortion in the state by attempting to shut down its one remaining abortion clinic. Mississippi passed a law in 2012 explicitly intended to shut down its [...]

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Barrage of Lawsuits Challenging Women’s Health Care is Just a “Political Stunt”

(PRESS RELEASE) More than 40 Catholic groups filed 12 separate lawsuits across the country yesterday challenging the Affordable Care Act's copay-free birth control benefit for all women—a move the Center for Reproductive Rights has called [...]

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In re Initiative Petition 395, State Question No. 761

This is a pre-election challenge to a blatantly unconstitutional ballot initiative proposed in Oklahoma that would define a fertilized egg as a "person," thereby banning abortion and most forms of contraception, as well as interfering [...]

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Manuela v. El Salvador (Inter-American Court of Human Rights)

Criminalization of Reproductive Health Services Discriminates Against Women  (Updated 03.10.21) In March of 2021, the Center for Reproductive Rights and partners presented oral arguments before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights asking that the Salvadoran State be held responsible for violating the human rights of Manuela, a Salvadoran [...]

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Birth Control Benefit for Women Preserved, CRR Calls for END TO Attacks on Women’s Health

(PRESS RELEASE) The Obama Administration has committed to preserve the no-copay birth control benefit for all women under the Affordable Care Act, according to an announcement today that employees at religiously-affiliated institutions will be able [...]

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