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High Court of Malawi Clarifies Law on Abortion

BLANTYRE, 06.24.2021 - (Press Release): The Malawi High Court has reaffirmed the statutory protections for legal abortion under narrow circumstances. In its ruling, the court reiterated that despite the existing legal restrictions on access to [...]

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Center’s Creative Council Marks Reintroduction of the Women’s Health Protection Act in New Video

Members of the Center for Reproductive Rights Creative Council--comprised of individuals from the arts, entertainment, fashion, media and other industries who raise awareness of the Center’s work--created this video to mark the reintroduction of the [...]

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2021 Poll: A Solid Majority of Voters Support the Women’s Health Protection Act

New polling, conducted by Hart Research Associates, shows that a solid majority of U.S. voters support the Women's Health Protection Act—a bill to protect abortion rights and access in every state. The nationally representative polling, conducted by Hart [...]

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Helms Amendment Letter to Biden Admin


The Center’s Work in the Philippines

The Center has been working actively in the Philippines for more than a decade. It has conducted advocacy before United Nations human rights bodies and conducted fact-finding missions and outreach to local advocates and law and [...]

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Civil society request to the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU to take action on the deteriorating situation in Poland

The Center for Reproductive Rights joined over 200 European and international civil society organizations in a letter to the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union calling on the Council to urgently address [...]

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Inequality and Discrimination in Maternal Health in Europe

The Center for Reproductive Rights works with human rights defenders and civil society organizations across the region to address the entrenched discrimination and inequalities faced by marginalized groups in Europe in the sphere of sexual [...]

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Regressive Anti-Equality Threats to SRHR in Europe

In recent years there have been repeated attempts to roll back legal and policy protections for gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights in parts of Europe. In a number of different countries, [...]


Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.

Advocating for SRHR at the European Union and the Council of Europe card link

Advocating for SRHR at the European Union and the Council of Europe

The Center for Reproductive Rights engages with European multilateral bodies and policy makers to advance respect and protection for sexual and reproductive health and rights. We work to ensure that European Union institutions address shortcomings [...]

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Advancing Abortion Law Reform in Ireland

The Center for Reproductve Rights worked for several years to support the efforts of women and civil society organizations in Ireland to secure reform of Ireland’s highly restrictive abortion law. Their decades of efforts culminated [...]

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South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative (SARJAI)

SARJAI network has been the catalyst for Center’s capacity building work in the region by bringing like-minded lawyers and academics together to promote accountability for reproductive rights violations.

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European Abortion Law: A Comparative Overview

  For more information and graphics, please see the Center's "European Abortion Laws: A Comparative Overview" fact sheet. For more than 60 years Europe has led the continuing global trend towards the liberalization of abortion laws and [...]

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Maternal Health & Rights Initiative

The Maternal Health & Rights Initiative promotes the human rights of pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people in the United States. Harnessing the power of law, policy, and strategic advocacy, the Initiative seeks to improve access [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.

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