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Council of Europe Issue Paper on women’s SRHR in Europe

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Cruel and Inhuman

Every year, as a result of Ireland’s abortion laws, thousands of women in the country must travel abroad to obtain legal abortion services. With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, Ireland [...]

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Reproductive Rights in Indian Courts

Over the last decade, Indian courts have issued several notable decisions recognizing women’s reproductive rights as part of the “inalienable survival rights” implicitly protected under the fundamental right to life. In certain ground-breaking judgments, the [...]

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Criminalization of Abortion in the Philippines Fact Sheet

The Philippines criminalizes abortion without any clear exception. Despite the criminal abortion ban, women and girls continue to undergo abortions which are often performed under unsafe conditions and result in complications that require immediate medical [...]

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Miscarriage of Justice: The Impact of El Salvador’s Total Abortion Ban (Advocacy Brief)

Miscarriage of Justice: The Impact of El Salvador’s Total Abortion Ban (Advocacy Brief)

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