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New Russian Legislative Proposals Pose Major Threat to Women’s Rights

This month, the Center for Reproductive Rights sent a strong letter in opposition to proposed legislative changes related to abortion that, if passed, would threaten Russian women's rights, dignity, autonomy, and health. The letter was [...]

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Reproductive Rights are Human Rights (Russian Edition)

Download the Russian edition of Reproductive Rights are Human Rights below. Права-это-Правa.pdf

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Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives East Central Europe

This report sets forth national laws and policies in key areas of reproductive health and women's empowerment in seven East Central European countries: Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Russia.

Abortion, Legal Restrictions, Maternal Health,Europe, Albania, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia,Reporting on Rights,Publications

Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.