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In Historic Victory, Argentina Legalizes Abortion card link

In Historic Victory, Argentina Legalizes Abortion

In a major victory for reproductive rights in Latin America, abortion is now legal in Argentina. The new law makes Argentina the largest country in Latin America to legalize abortion care. Argentine President Alberto Fernández signed [...]

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Uruguay’s Progress Inspires Action

Uruguay’s Progress Inspires Action When lawmakers in Uruguay recently passed a law that decriminalized abortion in the early stages of a pregnancy, they did more than improve the health and well-being of the country's women. [...]

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Uruguay Raises the Bar for Latin America

Uruguay Raises the Bar for Latin America This week, Uruguay took an extremely important step when its President signed into law a bill allowing abortion services during the first trimester of pregnancy, reversing its highly [...]

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New Russian Legislative Proposals Pose Major Threat to Women’s Rights

This month, the Center for Reproductive Rights sent a strong letter in opposition to proposed legislative changes related to abortion that, if passed, would threaten Russian women's rights, dignity, autonomy, and health. The letter was [...]

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