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April COVID-19 Landscape: SRHR and Gendered Issues in Asia

Newsletter of the April 2020 updates regarding COVID-19’s effects on SRH services and gender issues throughout the Asia-Pacific region, more specifically: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The Nepal RHRWG, [...]

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Progress on Reproductive Health in the Philippines

Progress on Reproductive Health in the Philippines One year after the publication of a groundbreaking United Nations report that held the Philippine government accountable for grave and systematic reproductive rights violations, there are signs of [...]

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Guardian: Philippines needs resolute political support on reproductive health

A First Step Forward in the Philippines By Melissa Upreti, Regional director for Asia, Center for Reproductive Rights Women in the Philippines have lacked autonomy over their bodies for decades. The overwhelming political power of [...]

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Los Angeles Times: Philippines president signs law easing access to contraceptives

Los Angeles Times: Philippines president signs law easing access to contraceptives By Kenneth R. Weiss and Sol Vanzi "Philippines President Benigno Aquino III has signed legislation that will provide modern contraceptives to the nation’s poorest [...]

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Discriminatory or Rights Based? CHR Advisory on the Local Ordinance by the City of Manila

"By the issuance of EO 003, the City of Manila, an instrumentality and essential element of the state, committed a clear breach of CEDAW obligation. By adopting an ordinance that limits the choice to natural [...]

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Letter to CBS Regarding Focus on the Family Ad

Download PDF of this letter Matthew Margo Senior Vice President of Program Practices, East Coast CBS Corporation 51 W. 52 St. New York, NY 10019 Dear Mr. Margo, We are writing to request that CBS [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

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