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Justice for Evelyn

  Justice for Evelyn El Salvador frees woman wrongly accused under repressive abortion laws         UPDATE: El Salvador’s attorney general has announced that he is appealing Evelyn’s acquittal. This is the state’s [...]

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They Are Girls: Reproductive Rights Violations in Latin America and the Caribbean

Background The Latin America and Caribbean region is the only one in the world where the number of girls under 15 giving birth continues to rise. Access to sexual and reproductive health services can save [...]

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Demanding Accountability

Demanding Accountability Latin America is the only region in the world in which the pregnancy rate for girls under 15 years of age is rising. Most of these pregnancies are the result of rape, frequently [...]

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Peru Apologizes to K.L.

18 years after K.L. was denied an abortion and forced to carry a nonviable pregnancy to term, Peru offers her an official apology. K.L. was 17 years old and 14 weeks pregnant when she found [...]

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