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Piercing Review of Kenya’s Reproductive Health Services

Piercing Review of Kenya’s Reproductive Health Services In May 2013, the Committee against Torture conducted its periodic review of the human rights situation in Kenya, assessing the country's compliance with the United Nations Convention against [...]

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The Scars of Torture

The Scars of Torture After a woman suffers painful and terrifying complications during the last hours of childbirth, the worst is usually over for her. That wasn't the case for Maimuna, one of scores of [...]

Maternal Health, Access to Quality Care,Africa, Kenya,Engaging Policymakers, Around the World,News

El Salvador’s Disgrace

El Salvador’s Disgrace The Center’s president and CEO, Nancy Northup, reflects on the agonizing plight of an El Salvadoran woman known publicly as Beatriz, who for many weeks has faced the risk of death and [...]

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