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Reproductive Rights Violations—Torture By Any Other Name

A woman living with HIV in Chile is forcibly sterilized while unconscious and undergoing a cesarean delivery. A Kenyan woman, along with her newborn child, is detained for weeks by hospital staff in miserable conditions. [...]

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Human Rights Council Adopts Groundbreaking Resolution on Maternal Mortality

For the third year running, the UN's Human Rights Council has focused its attention on the global problem of preventable maternal mortality and morbidity. A ground-breaking resolution was adopted yesterday, in which States reaffirm their [...]

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Maternal Mortality in India: 2011 Update–Accountability in Action

While human rights bodies and governments around the world have recognized maternal mortality as a human rights concern, the Indian Government has continued to neglect the specific health needs and human rights of pregnant women [...]

Maternal Health, Access to Quality Care, Maternal Mortality,Asia, India,Engaging Policymakers, Around the World, Reporting on Rights,News

Delhi High Court Continues to Stand Up for Pregnant Women

For the second time in less than a year, the Delhi High Court in India has ordered the local state government to ensure that every pregnant woman has access to quality maternity care. Highlighting the [...]

Maternal Health, Access to Quality Care, Maternal Mortality,Asia, India,In the Courts, Engaging Policymakers, Around the World,News

Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.