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In re Access to Emergency Contraception in Colombia (amicus brief) (Colombian Council of State)

On June 5, 2008, in a landmark decision, the Colombian Council of State ruled against anti-choice groups' efforts to ban emergency contraception. The court found that emergency contraception, commonly known as the "morning-after pill," is [...]

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In re Abortion Law Challenge in Colombia / Amici (Constitutional Court of Colombia)

In April 2005, Colombian citizen Monica Róa, a former Center fellow and current attorney at Women's Link Worldwide, filed a petition with the Colombian Constitutional Court challenging the constitutionality of Colombia’s abortion law, which categorically [...]

Abortion, Legal Restrictions,Latin America & Caribbean, Colombia,In the Courts,Case

Women’s Rights Defenders Seek Protection

Inter-American Commission Should Press Nations for Action WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is in a crucial position to bring overdue attention to the violations and abuses that women's human rights defenders [...]

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Pregnant Women in Nigeria Die Due to Government Negligence, According to Center for Reproductive Rights’ New Report

Almost 60,000 women die every year in Nigeria from preventable pregnancy-related causes because the oil-rich country has failed to implement and enforce its own policies on maternal health, according to a new report published by [...]

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High Court in Colombia Refuses to Outlaw “Morning-After Pill”

Council of State of Colombia Rules that Drug Doesn't Violate Right to Life NEW YORK -- Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights applauded a decision by Colombia's highest administrative court not to deny women legal [...]

Contraception, Emergency Contraception,Latin America & Caribbean, Colombia,In the Courts,News

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