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A, B, and C v. Ireland Brief

These comments address the regulation of abortion under international and comparative law, with particular emphasis on the member states of the Council of Europe. These comments demonstrate that national law in Ireland is inconsistent with [...]

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ECHR Letter – Monaco Modifications

Please note that earlier this year, Monaco liberalized its criminal code provisions governing abortion, from a total ban on abortion to allow express exceptions for the risk to the woman’s health or life, fetal impairment [...]

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ECHR Letter – Spain Modifications

Per this letter we respectfully submit to the Grand Chamber new information updating our written submission of 31 October 2008 and supplementary letter of 5 October 2009. The additional information we wish to present at [...]

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Oral Intervention re: Poland:14th Session of the Human Rights Council

06.04.10 - The Center for Reproductive Rights welcomes the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health on his visit to Poland. We share the concerns voiced by the Special Rapporteur in [...]

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Shadow Letters Bring Reproductive Rights to Light

The Center celebrated the recent concluding observations on Ecuador, Croatia and Moldova from the U.N. Human Rights Committee, which reaffirm the obligation of these states to guarantee reproductive rights. The Committee's concluding observations responded directly [...]

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Center Submission for the Human Rights Committee’s Review of Croatia (2009)

In 2009, the Center submitted a shadow letter to the Human Rights Committee on the situation of sexual and reproductive rights in Croatia.  The shadow letter discussed the state’s systematic failure to provide comprehensive sexual [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.