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Report Highlights Lack of Access to SRHR Information in Kenya card link

Report Highlights Lack of Access to SRHR Information in Kenya

A new report by the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) finds that women and girls in Kenya lack access to comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health [...]

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Center Hosts Dialogue on Report About Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls in Nigeria

The Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners at the Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP) announced the release of a research report on sexual and reproductive rights in conflict settings at a recent event in Abuja, [...]

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Abortion Services in Kenya

The Constitution of Kenya guarantees the right of women and girls to access abortion services when, in the opinion of a health care professional, the pregnancy threatens the life and health of the pregnant person. [...]

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Strengthening Regional Sexual and Reproductive Rights Protections in Africa

In Africa, several human rights instruments protect the human rights of women and girls including their sexual and reproductive rights. The Center for Reproductive Rights, through multi-faceted advocacy strategies such as thematic and shadow submissions [...]

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