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A.S. v. Hungary (United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women)

The A.S. v. Hungary complaint was filed under the Optional Protocol to CEDAW on behalf of a Hungarian woman of Roma origin who was coercively sterilized in a public hospital. The complaint was filed jointly [...]

Maternal Health, Coercive Policies,Europe, Hungary, Accountability Bodies, United Nations,In the Courts,Case

European Committee of Social Rights Decision: Interights v. Croatia

The case challenged the sexual education curriculums in Croatia that are religious and ideology-based models. Such programs, while claiming to provide youth with tools to lead healthier and more moral lives, have failed to provide [...]

Adolescent SRHR, Sex Education,Europe, Croatia, Accountability Bodies, European Human Rights System,In the Courts,Case

Vo. v. France (European Court of Human Rights)

Filing date: November 26, 2003 Country/Region: FranceCenter Attorney(s): Christina Zampas Summary: In November 2003, the Center filed an amicus brief with the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Vo v. France. The [...]

Maternal Health,Europe, France, Accountability Bodies, European Human Rights System,In the Courts,Case

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