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Center for Reproductive Rights Sues to Protect Free Speech of Oklahoma Physicians 

Oklahoma law forces physicians to lie to patients about abortion, violating medical ethics and free speech (PRESS RELEASE)—Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma state court on behalf of abortion providers [...]

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Court Blocks North Dakota Law Forcing Physicians to Lie About Abortion

In case filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights and the AMA, a federal court has blocked a law that would force doctors to tell patients that some abortions are reversible (PRESS RELEASE) Today, a [...]

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HHS Rule Will Encourage Discrimination Against Medical Patients

HHS’ Denial of Care Rule issued today empowers healthcare workers to withhold medical care from patients based on personal beliefs (PRESS RELEASE) Today, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized a Denial of Care Rule that will [...]

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Stop the Trump Administration from Erasing Women

New bill demands Department of State stop neglecting vital data on reproductive health care from its annual report on global human rights The Trump administration has made no secret of its commitment to erasing women [...]

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