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Center Spotlight: Jennifer Jacoby Talks U.S. Maternal Health

Jennifer Jacoby is well-versed in racial bias in the U.S. maternal health care system and the unconscionably poor health outcomes that result from that bias. Guiding her each day, she says, are some stark and [...]

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On the 10th Anniversary of Kenya’s Constitution, Center Report Urges Government to Enforce Abortion Rights Protections

Each year in Kenya, more than 2,500 women and girls die from unsafe abortions—despite the fact that the government legalized abortion under specific circumstances a decade ago in its Constitution. Currently, unsafe abortions are a [...]

Abortion, Maternal Health, Maternal Mortality,Kenya,Reporting on Rights,News

Center Advocacy Efforts Will Help Improve Maternal Health in Georgia

Law Enacted to Extend Postpartum Medicaid Coverage Aims to Reduce Maternal Mortality, Racial Disparity Advocacy efforts by the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners helped lead to the enactment of a new law in [...]

Maternal Health, Maternal Mortality,United States,Engaging Policymakers, In the States (USA),News

African Commission to Hear Case on Maternal Deaths Brought by the Center and Partners

The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights has agreed to hear a maternal mortality complaint against Nigeria in a case brought by the Dullah Omar Institute of the University of the Western Cape, the [...]

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