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Kenyan Government: Stop Sexual Violence card link

Kenyan Government: Stop Sexual Violence

In the aftermath of the chaotic presidential election results in Kenya in early August and again in October, more than 50 accounts of rape and sexual violence have been identified throughout Kenya—including gang rape and beatings [...]

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25th Anniversary Celebration

Hundreds gathered to mark the Center's quarter-century of "conscience, heart, and courage” in the fight for women’s health and rights. When almost 500 guests gathered on Tuesday night for the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the Center for Reproductive Rights, they had much to celebrate. [...]

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Call on Costa Rica Now

For too long, women in Costa Rica have been denied legal abortion services—help us fight back. Your voice counts – sign the petition now to urge the Costa Rican government to permit women to receive [...]

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Chile Makes History

After a decade of advocacy by the Center and partners, Chile is lifting its total abortion ban. [UPDATE] In a monumental victory for women’s reproductive rights in Chile, the government’s Constitutional Tribunal voted to decriminalize [...]

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A Proactive Vision

The Center gathered nearly 200 state legislators and advocates in Washington, D.C., to discuss strategies for advancing women’s reproductive health. What happens when you convene some of the nation’s brightest leaders in state reproductive health, [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.