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Florida Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Take Away Women’s Rights

Today, the Center released a statement opposing Florida Amendment 6, a proposed constitutional amendment that would take away Florida women’s rights and allow politicians to interfere with personal health care decisions. We urge Florida voters [...]

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Zambia: A Wrong Turn on the Right to Life

States have consistently chosen to use language in their constitutions that affirms the right to life without trying to define when life begins, reinforcing the approach taken by all major international human rights instruments. However, [...]

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UN Urges the Slovak Government to Reform Reproductive Health

A recent review by the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights found that Slovakia continues to fall short on certain key elements of reproductive health care. The Center for Reproductive Rights and [...]

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Civil Society Declaration for Global Fammily Planning Summit

International human rights groups are urging world leaders attending next month’s global Family Planning Summit to ensure that any effort to increase the use of contraceptives be a part of a broader strategy to improve [...]

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Birth Control Benefit for Women Preserved, CRR Calls for END TO Attacks on Women’s Health

(PRESS RELEASE) The Obama Administration has committed to preserve the no-copay birth control benefit for all women under the Affordable Care Act, according to an announcement today that employees at religiously-affiliated institutions will be able [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

Help us ensure that every government around the world guarantees them.