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Discriminatory Oklahoma Law Put on Hold: State Agrees Not to Distribute “Choose Life” License Plate Proceeds

Tulsa State officials agreed not to distribute the proceeds from Oklahoma's "Choose Life" specialty license plates to anti-choice pregnancy counseling centers until July 1, 2005. The agreement was reached in connection with a lawsuit brought [...]

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Advocacy in Whispers: The Impact of the USAID Global Gag Rule Upon Free Speech and Free Association in the Context of Abortion Law Reform in Three East African Countries (PDF)

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Florida Court Strikes Down Law Forcing Abortion Providers To Give Patients Harmful Information

West Palm Beach Today, the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Florida struck down an informed consent law, ruling it unconstitutional. The law would have forced abortion providers to communicate biased information to their patients.Currently, [...]

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Court Rejects Use of European Human Rights Law to Establish Fetal Rights

In July 2004, in a case that could have undermined abortion rights across Europe, today the European Court of Human Rights refused to treat a fetus as a person under the European Convention for the [...]

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Lawsuit Filed Challenging Oklahoma’s “Choose Life” License Plate Legislation

Tulsa, OK Six Oklahoma motorists and an Oklahoma religious organization have filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Oklahoma statutes regulating special license plates. In Oklahoma, motorists are able to obtain license plates proclaiming that [...]

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Florida Court Refuses to Appoint Guardian for a Fetus

Decision Marks a Victory for the Health and Rights of Pregnant Women Daytona Beach, FL The American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Florida NOW applauded today’s decision by a Florida court [...]

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