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Unheard Voices: Women’s Experiences with Zika in Brazil card link

Unheard Voices: Women’s Experiences with Zika in Brazil

The goal of this report is threefold: firstly, it presents and evaluates the diverse impact that the Zika virus has had on the reproductive lives of women living in Brazil. Secondly, this report analyzes the [...]

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Fact Sheet: CHARM v. Bihar

The Centre for Health and Resource Management (CHARM) v. State of Bihar is a public interest case that seeks to hold the Government of India accountable for the poor conditions in public health facilities in [...]

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Dignity Denied: Download Report

Women account for roughly 50% of the 33.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Although the total percentage of women living with HIV/AIDS has stabilized in the last few years, individual countries, including Chile, continue [...]

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At Risk: Rights Violations of HIV-Positive Women in Kenyan Health Facilities

Women living with HIV in Kenya who seek medical care suffer multiple human rights violations and encounter daunting barriers to quality healthcare. The Center will highlight findings from its new report At Risk: Rights Violations [...]

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