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Serving Those Who Serve?

The Center for Reproductive Rights and partners have developed a set of three issue briefs focusing on reproductive health care for servicemembers, veterans and their families. The series, titled Serving Those Who Serve?, describes the [...]

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U.S. Supreme Court Decision Will Cause Denial of Birth Control Coverage for Thousands

Court Gives Trump Administration Broad Authority to Expand Employer Exemptions for Moral and Religious Reasons The recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court in favor of the Trump administration’s bid to allow schools and [...]

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Supreme Court Hears Case Challenging Trump-Pence Denial of Birth Control Coverage

On May 6 the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case of national significance that could have a huge impact on the ability of women across the country to access birth control.  The case, Trump v. Pennsylvania, challenges the Trump-Pence Administration’s efforts to allow virtually any employer or university to deny its employees and [...]

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Servicemembers and Veterans Face Barriers in Accessing Contraception

Center and partners publish an issue brief examining barriers to care and policy solutions Servicemembers, veterans and their families face a number of barriers in accessing the contraception they need, particularly as compared to the civilian [...]

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