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Proposed Global Gag Rule Threatens Women’s Health and Lives; Undermines Democratic Values

The House of Representatives-proposed Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 2012 would reinstate a failed Bush-era policy -- the "Global Gag Rule" -- that would silence overseas community groups and health experts, preventing them from discussing [...]

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The Gains of the New Constitution: Stronger Protections for the Lives and Health of Women in Kenya

Kenya’s new constitution demonstrates several gains for the women of Kenya, including stronger protections for their health and lives. The constitution affirms that every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health, [...]

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Fact Sheet: Nepal Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision Upholding the Right to Abortion

The Center has authored a new fact sheet on an important decision from the Supreme Court of Nepal in the case of Lakshmi Dhikta v. Nepal that upholds a woman’s right to abortion. This case [...]

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