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Tanzania’s Policy Change Will Allow Pregnant Schoolgirls to Continue Their Education card link

Tanzania’s Policy Change Will Allow Pregnant Schoolgirls to Continue Their Education

Country ends discriminatory policy that barred pregnant girls and adolescent mothers from school--days after a case challenging the policy was argued at the ACERWC.

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Center and its Partner Argue Against Tanzania’s Expulsion of Pregnant Girls from School

The Center's case seeks to protect the right of Tanzanian girls to continue their education and pursue opportunities during and after pregnancy.

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Expulsion of Pregnant and Married Girls from School Must Stop

The Center has filed a complaint to bring this discriminatory and reprehensible practice to a halt On June 17, with our Tanzanian partner the Legal and Human Rights Centre, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed [...]

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Forced Out

Mandatory Pregnancy Testing and the Expulsion of Pregnant Students in Tanzanian Schools Think back to your teenage years—the angst of “fitting in” or of capturing the attention of your latest crush. Now imagine going to [...]

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Stopping All Violence

Last week, President Obama signed the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which funds support groups for and prosecution of violent crimes against women. VAWA has made an enormous impact over the years, [...]

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Concluding Observations on Tanzania Recommend a Number of Reforms

Concluding Observations on Tanzania Recommend a Number of Reforms In August, the Center for Reproductive Rights submitted a shadow letter to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (the Committee) regarding sexual and reproductive [...]

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Linking HIV and Reproductive Rights

The Center Spotlights Reproductive Rights at the XVII International AIDS Conference Human rights, including reproductive rights, must be at the center of the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Center for Reproductive Rights will be taking that [...]

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Reproductive rights are human rights.

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