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Center for Reproductive Rights Statement on Conclusion of Grand Jury Investigation of Dr. George Tiller

On Thursday, July 3, a citizen-convened grand jury refused to indict Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. In a written statement, the jurors said they had not found sufficient evidence to accuse Dr. Tiller of [...]

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Pregnant Women in Nigeria Die Due to Government Negligence, According to Center for Reproductive Rights’ New Report

Almost 60,000 women die every year in Nigeria from preventable pregnancy-related causes because the oil-rich country has failed to implement and enforce its own policies on maternal health, according to a new report published by [...]

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Kansas Supreme Court Limits Grand Jury’s Power in Abortion Patients’ Medical Records Case

NEW YORK -- Today, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the grand jury investigating abortion provider Dr. George Tiller cannot embark on a fishing expedition into his patients' medical records. The court ordered the lower [...]

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Center for Reproductive Rights Argues Before Kansas Supreme Court to Stop Grand Jury from Obtaining Patient Medical Records in Abortion Case

NEW YORK- Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights argued before the Kansas Supreme Court to stop a citizen-petitioned grand jury from obtaining the medical records of approximately 2,000 women who sought services from Kansas abortion [...]

Abortion, Anti-Choice Harassment,United States,In the Courts,News

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