In the Spotlight

  • 08.27.19
    Restrictions Arizona law generally prohibits abortion at twenty weeks LMP, a restriction that is permanently enjoined,[fn]ARIZ. REV. STAT. § 36-215
  • 07.25.19
    This federal lawsuit challenges three Arizona TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider) laws that prevent and delay many women from accessi
  • 06.04.15
    (REVISED 7.20.2018) This lawsuit challenged an Arizona state law, SB 1318 (originally scheduled to take effect on July 3, 2015), which would have
  • 03.04.14
    (REVISED 5.24.2018) Arizona passed a law in 2012, and implementing regulations in 2014, whose confusing language appears to require physicians to of
  • 06.19.13
    This is a federal court challenge to an Arizona law, passed in 2012, that prohibits abortions beginning at 20 weeks (measured from the date of fertili
  • 09.29.09
    Case requesting that the U.S. District Court of Arizona invalidate certain provisions of Arizona House Bill 2564 that would significantly reduce women
  • 12.15.08
    This case challenged a "TRAP" law passed by the Arizona Legislature in 1999. The term "TRAP" stands for "targeted regulation of abortion providers," a
  • 11.21.08
    In this action, CRR represents Dr. J. Christopher Carey as part of our ongoing efforts to protect the ability of physicians to obtain abortion trainin