Jezebel: Revived Lawsuit Could Be Key To Overturning Plan B Decision

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By Margaret Hartmann
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"Though Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled the FDA's recommendation to give everyone access to Plan B without a prescription, the battle to make the drug more widely available for women of all ages isn\'t over. The Center For Reproductive Rights has reopened its 6-year-old New York lawsuit, and it may provide an opportunity to overturn Sebelius\' unprecedented decision.

Reuters reports that the 2005 lawsuit originally claimed that the FDA's refusal to drop the prescription requirement for Plan B at the time was \'not supported by medical or scientific evidence.\' There hasn\'t been much activity in the case since 2009 when the FDA ignored a court order to reconsider restrictions on the drug, but due to new developments Federal Judge Edward Korman allowed the Center for Reproductive rights to reopen the case."