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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Thirty years ago, women’s rights activists first marked November 25 as the day on which the world would demand an end to all physical and sexual abuse targeted at women…

In Focus: Uganda

The Center for Reproductive Rights has embarked on a series of new projects in Uganda as part of its wider work in the African region…

A Girl Who Changed the World, A Victory for Women Everywhere

In 2009, a girl from Peru named L.C. demanded justice.

Two years earlier, she needed an abortion—had a legal right to abortion—and was denied, suffering irrevocable harm. L.C. wanted to hold an entire government accountable, her doctors responsible, for failing her just when she needed their help most…

The UN Speaks Out: Women Must Have the Right to Health, the Right to Decide

Last week, the General Assembly of the United Nations heard a blunt, emphatic message: No longer should the world tolerate the tragic, avoidable deaths of tens of thousands of women forced to seek out unsafe, illegal abortions every year…

Mapping Progress—and the Challenges Ahead—in Abortion Law Reform

For nearly 20 years, the Center for Reproductive Rights has stood up for women around the globe, winning landmark victories that secure vital protections of women's inalienable human rights to health, dignity, equality, and full reproductive autonomy.

Launch our new interactive map of the world's abortion laws >

Gauer and Others v. France

In August 2011, the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners filed an amicus brief to the European Court of Human Rights in support of Joëlle Gauer and Others —five women with mental disabilities in France who were forcibly sterilized—arguing that forced sterilization constitutes

The Center

World Contraception Day 2011

Around the world, the unmet need for safe and effective contraceptive services is staggering: Roughly 215 million women in developing countries rely on traditional contraceptive methods with high failure rates or do not use a contraceptive method at all…

Maternal Mortality in India: 2011 Update–Accountability in Action

While human rights bodies and governments around the world have recognized maternal mortality as a human rights concern, the Indian Government has continued to neglect the specific health needs and human rights of pregnant women by failing to implement and monitor maternal health policies and programs—leading the country to persist in accounting for the highest number of maternal deaths worldwide for decades. …

Poland: A Victory of Firsts

For the first time in its history, the European Court of Human Rights specifically found that an abortion-related violation amounted to inhumane and degrading treatment. The Center and its partners filed the case R.R. v. Poland in 2004, and the Court handed down its landmark decision on May 26, 2011…

International Day of Action for Women’s Health: Advancing Women’s Health

05.28.11 - On May 28, the Center for Reproductive Rights joins health and women’s rights advocates from around the world in commemorating the International Day of Action for Women’s Health.

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