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Shaming El Salvador on the Global Stage

Manuela’s story is the stuff of nightmares. The young mother from El Salvador had not been feeling well for several years. She sought medical attention for what seemed to be tumors on her neck, but received no treatment or diagnosis—just some pain killers…

MSNBC: After Tiller

In a frank and unsettling segment of her show, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry talks to journalist Irin Carmon and the Center for Reproductive Rights’ Policy and Advocacy…

IUDs are Like Abortion. Wait. What?

Writer Katie McDonough’s recent article at discusses the ludicrous logic behind proposed legislation in Ohio to ban insurers—both public…

Women's Rights Hang In the Balance

Imagine that a group of state legislators didn't like a particular religious denomination and decided to run it out of state by enacting new ­building codes applicable to only them, enumerating countless requirements for the number of parking spaces churches must have, the space…

U.S. Backslides on Maternal Deaths

Each year, International NGO Save the Children releases a report ranking the wellbeing of mothers and children in 178 countries around the world…

Mind Boggling

When Peace Corps Volunteer Christine Carcano was raped during her service in Peru, she confronted a mountain of challenges to overcome the experience: trauma, pelvic inflammatory disease from a sexually transmitted infection she contracted, and fear of being blamed and not believed…

Filipino Women React to New Rights

This week The Star Online, a Malaysian-based newspaper, explores the personal impact of the Philippine Supreme Court’s landmark decision to uphold a law expanding access to birth control and reproductive health education. …

WATCH: The Battle in Mississippi

Amanda Allen, our State Legislative Counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights, appeared this past Sunday on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discuss the developing story

Five Ways Arizona is Hurting Women

In an April 21 article, Rolling Stone criticizes the state of Arizona as posing “some of the gravest threats to…

MKB Management Corp et al. v. Burdick et al.

This case challenges provisions of North Dakota House Bill 1297, passed during the 2011 legislative session, which would effectively ban all medication abortions in the state by requiring compliance with conditions for the provision of "abortion-inducing drugs" that are impossible to meet.

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