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A.S. v. Hungary: Informed Consent: A Signature is Not Enough Fact Sheets Coercive Policies, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 23 Feb 10
Tysiąc v. Poland: Ensuring Effective Access to Legal Abortion Fact Sheets Abortion, Access to Care, Right to Care, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS 23 Feb 10
In Harm’s Way: Executive Summary Books & Reports Abortion, Legal Restrictions, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 23 Feb 10
Beijing+15: No Equality Without Full Enjoyment of Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights Fact Sheets Abortion, Legal Protections, Maternal Death, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 18 Feb 10
Legal Grounds II: Reproductive and Sexual Rights in African Commonwealth Courts Books & Reports Abortion, Right to Care, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Female Genital Mutilation, Legal Restrictions, Young People's Rights, Contraception, HIV/AIDS 8 Feb 10
Facts on Abortion in the Philippines: Criminalization and a General Ban on Abortion Fact Sheets Abortion 28 Jan 10
مؤتمر بكين والقانون الدولي Books & Reports 25 Jan 10
Nelson Amendment Goes Far Beyond Current Law with New Restrictions on Abortion Services Coverage Fact Sheets Abortion 20 Jan 10
Shadow Letter: Croatia_Human Rights Committee_2009_English Shadow Letters & Reports Sex Education, Discriminatory Policies, Young People's Rights, HIV/AIDS 19 Jan 10
Shadow Letter: Ecuador_Human Rights Committee_2009_English Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion, Access to Care, Sex Education, Discriminatory Policies, Legal Protections, Young People's Rights, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS 19 Jan 10