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La serie Causas Pendientes de expedientes de litigios del Centro de Derechos Reproductivos ofrece resúmenes e información de contexto sobre casos de alto impacto litigados por el Centro que buscan fortalecer las protecciones jurídicas para los derechos reproductivos de las mujeres en cortes y organismos de derechos humanos alrededor del mundo. La Serie pretende incrementar el conocimiento sobre los casos, promover la implementación de decisiones positivas de las cortes, y asistir a activistas y abogados en el litigio de casos similares a nivel nacional e internacional.

Asuntos de enfoque

Gauer and Others v. France

In August 2011, the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners filed an amicus brief to the European Court of Human Rights in support of Joëlle Gauer and Others —five women with mental disabilities in France who were forcibly sterilized—arguing that forced sterilization constitutes

The Center

2010 State Legislative Wrap Up

In the United States, state legislatures wield enormous power to control women’s access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare services. Each year, anti-choice state legislators propose measures intended to restrict women’s access to abortion, including mandatory delays, biased counseling provisions and other burdensome and unnecessary requirements. Hundreds of anti-choice bills are proposed annually and dozens of restrictive laws are passed, making it increasingly difficult for women in many states to access abortion…

Defending Rights & Saving Lives: 2010 Accomplishments

No woman should have to risk her life because she cannot get the essential reproductive care she deserves. This tenet is the cornerstone of the Center for Reproductive Rights work. Looking back at 2010, the Center is proud of how it has advanced toward that vision and has helped to restore dignity and freedom for thousands of women here at home and around the world…

Our Work in Focus

Biased counseling laws, on the books in many states, require woman seeking an abortion to receive information dictated by the state prior to undergoing the procedure…

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