Anti-Choice Harassment

Asuntos en enfoque

Admitting that Abortion is Safe

For years, extremist activists and politicians have offered up false science and feigned concern for women’s health as part of their strategy to limit abortion access…

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, et al. v. State of Alaska

This case challenges a law which would require a young woman seeking an abortion to have at least one of her parents notified of the procedure and to wait at least 48 hours before she could obtain the procedure, unless the young woman sought a judicial bypass of the parental notification

The Center

Pursuit of Justice

The story of Polish daughter and mother P and S is deeply complicated. P, a teenager, was raped and became pregnant as a consequence. She wanted to terminate the pregnancy and had a right to under Poland's laws…

Our Work in Focus

Human Rights defenders are the activists, including journalists, lawyers, judges, and healthcare providers, whose work allows others to exercise their human rights…
In the United States, state legislatures wield enormous power to control women's access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare services…

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